Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week one completed

Normally I like to post these the day after my run as I am running at night. This one kind of fell to the way side. I have been feeling better and better with run. That being said these rest days have been really nice. So week two is beginning tomorrow night. I'm hoping the weather stays nice as I really don't want to run in the rain, but I will if it comes to it.

My last run was nice. I change my route and there was a nice cool breeze. Not enough to make you feel cold, but just enough to keep feeling refreshed, it was great. All my runs this week have averaged about 3.5km. I'm quite happy with this. Although this coming week I would like to break 4km, but I don't think that the change is enough.

I did change over from TrekSport VFF's to my KSO's and I must say that I like running in the thinner soles more. The ground feel was better and I was able to listen to my feel a little more.

Anyways, here are the numbers from Friday. I'm still proud of my boy for sticking with and helping me to stick with it as well.

Vryce - Day 3 Wk 1
Distance - 3.78 km Time - 30:03 min Avg. Pace 7:58 min/km
Avg. Speed 7.54 km/h Climb - 12m

KAVIK - Day 3 Wk 1
Distance - 2.83 km Time - 28.:37 min Avg. Pace 10:07 min/km
Avg. Speed - 5.93 km/h Climb 41m

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