Thursday, June 2, 2011

And so it continues...

My last run was around my neighborhood, which is ok, but doesn't give me a good idea how just how far I have run. You can run 4 or 5 laps around a track, or in my case a big block, and it's just a loop. So this time I went a little larger and it worked out well and gave me a better perspective what I had done. I got all my intervals this time and managed to get a little more distance in. Even though my calves are a little stiff. I think I need to convince my wife we need a hot tub, but it's not going to happen so I'll take a hot bath this weekend on my 2 day rest cycle.

I've been doing my running in Vibram Five Finger shoes. Specifically the Treksport model. Unfortunately this model isn't good for road surfaces. The sole is a little too stiff and I've developed a blister on one foot just behind my toes. Don't get me wrong, I love these shoes. I'm just not going to run in them anymore, well not on roads surfaces, maybe trail running down the road. I'm going to start using my KSOs for running. The softer sole should work out better for me.

Now while running last night I did make a mistake and stopped my runkeeper app so I have 2 sets of stats for my run. It happens and I'll make sure not to do it again. On a side note, my friend KAVIK's wife has started running the same program on his off nights. I think that this is great and I'm proud of her as well. I mentioned this to my wife and she said, "I bet I could do it too." I'll let her think about the idea and then try and get her going on it. Any ways, here's how we did last night.

Vryce - Day 2 Wk 1 (part 1)
Distance - 2.68km Time - 19:39 min Avg. Pace - 7.19 min/km
Avg. Speed - 8.19 km/h Climb 5m

Vryce - Day 2 Wk 1 (part 2)
Distance - .96km Time - 8:53 min Avg. Pace - 9:14 min/km
Avg. Speed - 6.50 km/h Climb 1m

KAVIK - Day 2 Wk1
Distance - 2.7km Time - 28:34 min Avg. Pace - 10:34 min/km
Avg. Speed - 5.68 km/h Climb 44m

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