Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Run of the Year

Tucked my son into bed, grabbed my Vibrams and went out for a run. 11c outside, so cool but not cold. Started my run at 8:17 pm and ran about 1.30km. Not a long run but I'm happy with it for a first run. Runkeeper says it took me 6:55 mins to complete my run, I'm happy with that too.

If you run with an iPhone I highly recommend Runkeeper. It's a great way to track where you have run, how long you ran for and your approximate calorie burn.

I feel pretty good over all. My throat is a little raw. I feel like I can drive nails with my calves, but there's no pain. which is a good thing. Means I didn't over do it. Which is a great thing. I'll keep up with this circuit for a little while and when I get comfortable with that I'll double it. 1km circuit is done, only 99km more to add to it.


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